Wednesday, April 16, 2008

She has done it again!!!

So the fabulous, amazing, talented and Oh-so driven Miss Amy Butler is at it again.

This time with Mikasa, and her new line of dinnerware called "Vintage Botanica".

Here's a lil copy of the e-mail David Butler sent out today.

"The Mikasa showroom window at 51 Madison Ave. NYC. Featuring Amy's new Vintage Botanica dinnerware line. It just launched and is getting great press. Amy was in NY for the press event last week. Pretty cool! - Dave"

Images courtesy of a fabulous blogger Poppytalk, I just love it.... :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Its Finally Finished

Ok, so before I share my new photos of the store and window, I wanted to apologize for my lack of grammatical skill and my lazy spelling. Usually, when i post a blog, I'm in a hurry to get it up...I am an artist, and designer, and as a good artist and designer I need an I don't have one on here so please forgive!! :)

Thanks ! ! ! ! ! !

Ok, so here is the pics from the new window and a few cute new store displays :) Enjoy!!

This is the new counter display, inspired by amy butlers new fabric!!

Shot one of the new window, forgive the glare, Ill try to get some night shots without the glare.

This is the side view, no glare, just a not perfect angle. Special thanks to the fabulous Barb from Footloose for the great vintage hat boxes, and nighties.

And finally, we caved and got more Stonewall Kitchen Items in.....they are just to yummy!! Raspberry & Strawberry Muffin Mixes, Strawberry Waffle Mix & Jam!! YUMMY!!!

Ok, well that is it for today I need to go print samples for my sales reps!!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

a new window evolves

So we begin a new window... This is my progress at the end of day 2. Day one was mostly cleaning out the Peter Rabbit Window and wallpapering the wall and border. The theme Gibson Girls.

One may wonder why??? Well, personally Charles Gibson is one of my favorite artist. His satirical views of the feminine ideal, politics, love, & social interactions were so ahead of his time. So when i stumbles across a 1905 Gibson Girl Collection Volume II, I new it was a sign. I purchased the book for a song, and chose my favorite images to incorporate within the new window. I will save the caption for the main art until completion. But the wallpaper borders where are print he entitles "Wallpaper; suitable for a gentleman's bedroom". It actually worked... !!

Well I hope you enjoy this journey with me. It will take a while because I am drawing out by hand my tribute version of his illustration, in marker (not paint) just as Gibson did back in 1903 when he illustrated this particular scene.

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