Thursday, February 28, 2008

Three Designs, for three very different people...

So I thought I would share with you some current projects...

Please note these are just "proof" shots so there may be a spelling issue in the designs, or they are yet to be completed.

First I wanted to share a wedding invitation. Yes it says Carr!! Its for my business partner Elizabeth....I'm so happy for her. She wanted to do something bold, bright, classic, with a twist. So I designed a three panel raised invite, in poppy & sapphire blue. With a buck silhouette & laurel wreath, accented with a clear swarovski crystal.

Next is a logo development project for a wonderful woman in Cleveland, Ohio. This is for her new venture "Fragrance & Fancies" a lavender sachet business she has sort of fallen into. I'm so excited for her, and this logo fits her perfect.

And finally a save the date for my sister. Wait till you see the invitations. Her colors are petal & chocolate. The actual finished date card receives 2 pink swarovski crystals in the frame around the monogram.

OK, well i hope you enjoy!!

Check in tomorrow when you can see why I have not been posting for a week. Lots of cleaning and organizing has been going on around the Green Velvet.
Have a tremendous Thursday!!


(PS.. did i mention that i am so excited that the spell checking button is now fixed on my blogger so i can actually not offend all of you fine people with my horrendous spelling)


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