Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Belle Street

So after a long and snowy weekend filled with a record breaking 20 inches of snow...we are back at green velvet. To my excitement Melissa, designer of Belle Street Jewelry, brought her new spring collection into the store on Sunday!

I have to share it will everyone. For one reason, that I don't have a web store up yet, and for another i just love it!! So here she is.....This exquisite necklace is the Monique, it is available in Moss Aqua Marine & Wesonite for $195. Each necklace is composed of 7 briolettes, gold fill chain & a vermile clasp.
This next necklace is the Olivia, it is 4 wire wrapped briolettes of green garnet on a gold fill chain with a briolette clasp. This piece of neck candy can quench your urge for yummi-ness $135.
These are one of her newest designs with the double gold wire and aquamarine briolettes. These elegant hoops are named Ellie. LOVE THEM!! for a song at $150

Finally I want to showcase the entire vert collection.

Paired with the Olivia & Monique Necklaces are a delectable collection of coordinating earrings & a vintage bone bangle. In Clockwise order: Cecilia Vintage Bone Bangle $110, The Ellen (gold ring with tourmaline briolette drops $140 , The Sarah a large gold wire hoop with Green Garnet Briolettes $140, and finally the Maureen three varied sized briolettes in wesonite $140.

I hope you have enjoyed...if the mood to snag a wonderful piece of eye candy catches you please give us a call!!


Blogger Liz said...

i love her jewelry :)

March 14, 2008 at 2:21 PM  
Blogger Alice Adair said...

I get oodles of compliments whenever I wear the moss aquamarine gold hoop earrings Mom picked up on one of her "secret" jaunts down to see you without me.

Lighter than air and they look fabulous -- how can a girl go wrong, no?

~ adair

April 28, 2008 at 6:58 PM  
Blogger JYW said...

I stopped in this afternoon to find something fabulous to put in my niece's Easter basket and left with only a couple of things and feeling very disappointed and upset. Your clerk and her friend carried on an unamerican rant on how the Jews of Israel are being mistreated by that man who is president. This was an impassioned monologue that the clerk could only nod and agree with while ingoring me. I don't want to know their political views while I'm seeking sparkly happy items. I stood at the jewelry counter for some time before I gave up and picked up some of those little pots of love in the form of lotion. Two girls came in to the store and I was sure the chat would at least pause, but no, it was said that the election of this president, Barrack Obama was fake because NOONE could possibly have voted for this man. I did. And I am angry that I was pushed into an emotional rant at this woman to keep her views to herself. I don't care what she believes or how she thinks, if I did I would seek her out. Your clerk informed me they have freedom of speech and I was very out of line and she didn't understand why I made such a big deal of it. It was a big deal to me, it completely shattered my peaceful mood. When I asked this woman if she even considered that it was Good Friday, she said "Yes that was a wonderful day!" I stared at her open mouthed and she cavelierly said "He rose again didn't He?" REALLY, SHE SAID THAT.
I want to know if I will be welcome to come back to your shop. Does this seem like I am an out of line customer? If so I won't come back in. Please let me know your thoughts.

Sincerely Judi Watts

April 2, 2010 at 6:54 PM  

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