Tuesday, February 12, 2008

To pin or not to pin?

whether you want an exquisite piece of art to put on your cute vintage side table, or if you are a sewer whom has/needs it all, or if you just like pretty cool things... These pin cushions are for you!!

Kathy C. our friend & artist from German Village, in Columbus is the artists behind these amazing cushions. I would have to say there is not question.....the answer is "to pin". So come in to the store and pick one or 12 up and enjoy!!

I promise they will be up in the boutique when we get the webstore running.

Its snowy, freezy & breezy out today!! Brrrrrrrr!!! Its tea, good book & a chair by the fire day for sure.
For the tea i recommend Tangerine Fruit Infusioin by Petali Teas
yummy tea by Joy from Mootz Run & Petali Teas
For the book I recommend Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire
An amazing take on the poison apple, one of my favs, from the author of "Wicked".

I hope that helps warm up your wintery day!!!


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